Powerful on-line graphing and Reporting

The ratifi.cloud software package enables data to be reviewed anywhere in the world with the appropriate login. A powerful graphing tool enables various devices to be displayed simultaneously. Daily, Weekly or monthly scheduled reports can be set up and Email alarms can be set up to automatically email recipient in the event of an alarm condition.

Safe and Secure

All data are inviolate and stored in encrypted form which cannot be altered or manipulated in any way and can only be accessed by users with the appropriate log-in credentials. Cadmus also supports Enterprise Class protection for added security and data are stored on multiple secure servers which perform automated backups by default, ensuring that you never lose any data.

It’s your data!
It is your system, your data. Even though we host the data securely for you on our managed servers you can download it and store it locally at any time and if you decide to cease your on-going contract we still hold the data for 2 months during which time you can download it for safe keeping.

The Performance is Alarming

As well as recording historical data, ratifi.cloud is a real-time monitoring system that annunciates alarms both locally and via email enabling quick and effective action to be taken. Shift planning enables multiple emails to be sent to different people depending upon the day and time the alarm occurs. Alarm data is sent as soon as an alarm condition is detected.

Calibration Management

Any data is meaningless unless it can be verified so the calibration status of all devices on the project are recorded for audit purposes. When a device is approaching the end of its calibration interval i.e. with one month to go, an email is sent to the Administrator reminding them that important re-calibration work is required. The Administrator can then organise to get the device recalibrated. Should the device reach the point at which the re-calibration is overdue, another email is sent at the same time stating that a device is outside its recommended calibration interval. This is noted on the system log but the system will continue to function.